If you have skills you want to improve and new things to learn then you just struck gold

In Practice is a show where people with exceptional talents talk about how to be good at anything. Often, we only get to witness someone express skill in performance or competition. People who can do great things inspire us to find greatness within ourselves… but how exactly do we do that?

Host Nate Newman is a full time musician, a yogi, and a martial arts enthusiast. During his yoga teacher training Nate realized that he spent most of his day practicing. He found principles and ideas from one discipline led to a better practice in the others, and wondered how people could benefit from the lessons of other practices. How could they be brought together? The idea for a podcast seemed like it could have answers.

The In Practice podcast shines a light on the private world of practice and celebrates the power in us all to improve. Often, when we see skill out in the world, we’re only seeing the tip of an iceberg. Dive in and you’ll find a rich world of deep thought, ingenuity, and elbow grease.

Tools for better practice including a metronome, a pen, a paintbrush, and a dumbell.

Part motivation, part slice of life, and part self help podcast

Interviews in the show cover everything from the practical aspects of what makes a good practice to the background and inner life of each guest. It’s a combination of slice of life, interview, and self help podcast that satisfies listeners on all fronts. Peek into the minds of people who’ve developed something special in themselves. Tune in, there are new things to learn and others to improve on; you might find there’s something special in you waiting for you to bring it out.