The In Practice podcast is still in its infancy but our family continues to grow: A beautiful baby blog has been born!

At the beginning of each show, I’ve gotten into the habit of introducing In Practice as “a show where we talk to people with extraordinary skills about what they do in, what they think about, and what they’ve learned from practicing.”

Through the podcast I get to speak with a variety of people whose obvious common denominator is that they are excellent at what they practice. In the podcast format, that intro describes most of what one interview might yield, but I feel like we can go deeper.

The ultimate mission of the In Practice podcast is to explore and expose the value and nature of practicing. Having so many guests and examples of successful practice provide an opportunity to ask a vital question about practice and the people who practice well.

What do our guests’ lives and practices have in common?

On the podcast, the focus is what the guest’s pursuit(s) can tell us about practice as a larger topic. We’ve had great conversations so far, and listening to just one will give someone plenty of food for thought. However, exploring what all of the people and practices have in common would be better explored in a separate venue. Hence, this blog!

Additionally, this blog is another place where listeners of In Practice can question and comment on topics from the podcast or the ideas we’ll dig into here. Commenting is encouraged! I’m only one mind, so if you notice a connection or idea in the show that I don’t, let me know in the comment section below and I’ll do my best to explore it.

Thanks again to the show’s listeners! If you’re not yet a listener but you’re interested in becoming one, then you can follow one the links on this page to your preferred podcast streaming platform or to the episodes page on this site.