Not just a podcast! This blog acts as the written counterpart to the podcast. Here, we can go deep on ideas and topics from the show about what makes effective practice. To listen to interviews mentioned in the blog, follow the buttons below to your preferred streaming platform

Not long after launching the show, I added the In Practice blog to the site. The blog is a place we can explore what people with successful practices have in common. Almost everyone has something they’d like to be better at, or new things to learn. I hope by telling these stories and digging into them you’ll kick ass and excel in anything you pursue.

Practice and walking the path, how trust in the future means better practice

Practice and Walking the Path

This post isn't exactly about practice, but it still belongs on the In Practice blog. Mindset is the topic and ...
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The self help podcast, the In Practice PodcastHow Community Can Inspire Your Practice

How Community Can Inspire Your Practice

I’ve called practice a “solitary endeavour” on more than one occasion on In Practice. One thing that I’ve seen come ...
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Tools for better practice including a metronome, a pen, a paintbrush, and a dumbell.

The In Practice Blog is Here!

The In Practice podcast is still in its infancy but our family continues to grow: A beautiful baby blog has ...
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