In Practice is an interview based podcast all about practicing! We ask skilled people how to excel at just about anything. Explore what experts do, how they think, and the path they took to mastery.

Why would I go through the trouble of producing an podcast about practice?

Nate Newman has a passion for making a better practice for your improvement and if you have new things to learn. This interview podcast is how he tries to help.

A little about me: I’m Nate Newman, and I’m a musician and teacher in Columbus, Ohio. On top of music, I practice yoga and martial arts. Being competent at all of these things (and if we’re being honest, two out of three) demands a good deal of practice and that’s how a much of my day is spent. No complaints here!

I think practice is one of the most vibrant states of being. I get to apply (and sharpen) all of the tools I have at my mind’s disposal. Practice isn’t just a time to drill; it’s a time to play. In my life, my most fascinating and rich experiences come about in when I’m wood-shedding. The thing is, though, that practice tends to be a solitary endeavor.

That’s why an interview based podcast made sense. There are so many stories and lessons to mine from people who’ve walked the walk.

In Practice is a podcast where I sit down with high level practitioners of a different disciplines. Dancers, artists, writers, athletes.. anyone who practices and has something to share is fair game. Above all, any listener can glean something helpful or inspiring from these conversations, so I invite you to tune in and enjoy In Practice.

Not long after launching the show, the In Practice Blog was added to the site. On the blog, we can explore at length what people with successful practices have in common. Almost everyone has something they’d like to be better at, or new things to learn. I hope that by bringing these stories together and digging in to them I can help you to kick ass and excel in anything you take on.